Life – With a pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.


The way we make small talk when we meet Of the weather, the traffic, how our families fare. The stolen glances when the other isn’t looking And all the words … Continue reading

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Choco-chip cookies…

The bus rolled in sharp at five as usual and I got on, eager to get out of the chill. As I paid my fare and took my seat across … Continue reading

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A letter to myself from an older me…

Oh, and the flowers will wilt And “true” love will fade And in the years to come A lifetime of mistakes will be made Still, when you look in the … Continue reading

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The Interloper…

She came one day, in the blink of an eye Like the simple batting of eyelashes, Wanting to blend in, to make it count Natural, adaptive, like sight itself… But … Continue reading

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In exchange…

Call me pretty and give me wine And I will love you and make you mine Kiss me tender and hold me tight And I will transform your chaos to quiet … Continue reading

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“You should stop being jealous…” he said, in the aftermath of their lovemaking. “…She will always be mine.” His eyes, boring into her soul, finished the sentence. In that brief … Continue reading

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A walk down sham-ory lane…

She thought deep and hard about her decisions, trying to unearth the questions from the recesses of her turbulent mind, like heavy flotsam from a sea-borne wreckage. “Why should I … Continue reading

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