A pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to.

In exchange…

Call me pretty and give me wine And I will love you and make you mine Kiss me tender and hold me tight And I will transform your chaos to quiet … Continue reading

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“You should stop being jealous…” he said, in the aftermath of their lovemaking. “…She will always be mine.” His eyes, boring into her soul, finished the sentence. In that brief … Continue reading

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A walk down sham-ory lane…

She thought deep and hard about her decisions, trying to unearth the questions from the recesses of her turbulent mind, like heavy flotsam from a sea-borne wreckage. “Why should I … Continue reading

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Every day and every night…

Every day, I wake up soaked in a sense of unreality. Every day, I take a little bit longer to get out of bed. Every day, I promise myself tomorrow will … Continue reading

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Someday, I promise…

Someday, I shall be truly free Of the shackles I have put on me Goaded by the world into compliance and silence Deluded by their fake, lofty, glittery promises Someday… … Continue reading

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In lieu of a story…

“Give me a story,” I said to life. “Something indelible, resplendent with color and vigor and beauty.” “Give me your soul,” retorted life “Your peace of mind, whatever makes you … Continue reading

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“Are you down?” asked my new roommates as they planned to grab a pizza and then bar hop on a Friday night. We had all just moved into our new apartment in Boston a … Continue reading

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