Life – With a pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.


I hate exams. There. I have said it.

I could go on and on, about why and how much, but here are my top 7 reasons, fresh out of the exam madness oven:

  1. They make me cranky and stressed out

I can almost see you all nodding your heads in unison. That’s true for everyone (at least if they are human! It should be standardized as a “Human test” or something). Anyway, what exams do to me is highly vindictive – all that stress means I lose my hair. By droves! And let me tell you, I hate hairfall. It leads to more stress for me and leads to more hairfall….Ugggghhhh! Does the circle ever end? Yeah. Ban all exams and there’s a good chance I could have luxurious locks.

  1. Sleep deprivation – I love my sleep, did I tell you that?

Exams suck the peace out of my sleep. And you don’t do that to me if you want to be in my good books. Ever. So as I grudgingly continue to stare at my study material on my laptop, words do a complicated tribal dance, refusing to settle down into a coherent sentence. I turn to my scattered notes and the internet guru for help but all I can see is my bed beckoning me with all the sultriness it can muster. When finally I’m bone tired enough to go to sleep, my buzzing brain refuses to retire for the night – sorry early morning.

  1. I’m not a morning person. No way!

A hardcore night owl if there ever was one – C’est moi. Waking up early in the morning even on a regular day makes me feel violent. And if it’s for exams or early morning revision – people better not be in my vicinity. Nope.

  1. Compulsive note making

Now this one is not so common perhaps. I have to (like OCD kinda HAVE TO!!) scribble while I study – drawing charts and maps and writing in full sentences, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s even when it’s just for self-reference! Why oh why can’t I just be blessed with a photographic memory and be done with it? Is that too much to ask from my maker – it’s just photographic memory, duh?

  1. Last minute need to delve deep into the subject of study

That is when I really, like really get interested in the subject of study and want to delve into its various recesses, nooks and crannies and flesh them out and ruminate over them – all with a ticking clock to make feel like I’m stealing time – and getting nothing substantial done in return. Covering no ground, basically with all the additional research and deep reading in a crunch time. And before I know it I have multiple topics left untouched while some others are so in depth that I could publish papers on them and earn half-baked PhDs. I promise myself I will touch base with the subject and learn more once the exam is done and finished. But those promises are like those fantastic first dates you have had and you know they are soul-mate material but out of sheer stupidity you forget to take their phone number and alas, you never end up calling. Tough luck…ennnh!

  1. Myriad distractions around my place of study

Suddenly my nails become very interesting. Or that bird hopping on the parapet of the neighbor’s apartment rooftop. Or the fact that my room needs cleaning. Or that there’s food in the fridge, no matter how blah in times of reason and sensibility, during exams they appear delicious. And, add to this list the glorious invention called the mobile phone with its social media stunts…and voila! You have a frantically finicky food-hunting Facebooking fiend.

  1. The creative me emerges from my cocoon

You must have heard how people have their best ideas in the shower – at the most unlikeliest of times. Exam time is like my “shower” time in that case. I happen to get brainwaves that need to be implemented then and there – when I have lots of ground to cover and no time to do it! Like this blog for example. I don’t need to waste time penning all of this down now when I am supposed to focus on the nitty-gritties of tomorrow’s Media Law paper. But you see, I can’t help myself! All this pent up emotion is raring to get out like a much stifled but rebellious yawn.

So, the sum total – 2 hours to go until morning and 3 untouched chapters challenging my sleep deprived brain. Bed being seductive as ever.

Any suggestions on which way I should go?


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