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On the “right” side of the road

So, over a month in Boston and I’m still soaking in the American way – one day at a time. I always knew America as this country where traffic rules are sacrosanct. Thanks to the many crime thriller series, courtroom dramas and Hollywood movies I love watching, I’m forever looking out for minuscule cameras studded into the unlikeliest of places in public much like the Eye of Sauron, scrutinizing my every move and reporting directly to the Director of FBI. I’m even afraid to pick my nose unconsciously! What if they got that on camera somewhere and I’m a witness in a courtroom or something being cross-examined by lawyers? I don’t want to be the subject of character assassination due to nose-picking in public, thank you very much!

Anyway, one of the problems I faced in the beginning – and I still do at times – is following the traffic signals to know when to cross the road and when to wait. No, I’m not traffic rule ignorant or color blind. And I don’t have a thing for breaking traffic signals or jaywalking – I’m just from India!

If you have been to India at any point in your life, you will know what I mean. Traffic = chaos.

Irrespective of the width of roads, vehicles of all shapes and sizes ram in from all possible directions, drivers honking their asses off to establish their existence with a lavish sprinkling of maa-behn expletives thrown in for flavor. There’s craziness and then there’s Indian traffic.

Check out this funny video and you’ll know what I mean!

(Video credit: konzeptunddialog)

I’ve been used to using hand signals to stop vehicles and cross the road in the middle of traffic. Irate drivers would pop out of their vehicles like demented jack-in-the-boxes to shout the choicest of Indian gaalis and wave their fists while I happened to turn temporarily deaf to their tirade. It was a way of life, you see.

Decades of being used to chaos and here I am trying to walk on the “right” side of the road. Literally! Sigh.

One day at a time, I swear…


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