Life – With a pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.

Woes of a candy wrapper…

Bright and shiny, a multi-coloured alien,
Forgotten, on the roadside I lie.
Trodden upon by a million feet,
Under an endless, apathetic sky.

I don’t think I was made to be ignored,
I was designed to catch the eye,
(At least that’s what the ad-men had intended!)
To seduce the occasional passerby.

The day they brought me into the world
Full of good cheer I’d been.
Packed in a jar with my little fellow beings
I’d hoped desperately to be seen.

By and by with each passing day,
I’d see the whole world go by,
When yet another of my friend would be taken,
Frustrated, all I could do was sigh.

Longing for the day when I’d be summoned,
Dreaming sweet, candy-filled dreams
Of being cherished and loved all life long.
(But I was grossly mistaken; now it seems).

Then, at last, on one fine, sun-lit day,
A pretty little girl came along.
She gazed wide-eyed, at the large candy-jar
And I gazed back, with a prayer strong.

She smiled a little dimpled smile
When she held me in her little palm.
Basking in her smile and her awe-struck gaze,
I thought I could come to no harm.

Unfurling me in all innocent haste,
She tucked the candy between her teeth.
And without as much as a downward glance,
She left me lying heartbroken, at her feet.

O how naïve I’d been to hope against hope
That I’d be as dear as the candy within,
All my dreams had been brutally crushed
And my belief in life, worn thin.

Ever since, I’ve forever been trampled upon,
And blown by the wind everywhere.
The dust, over time, has dulled my sheen.
As I lie under a merciless sun’s glare.

They say this world is a beautiful place
Where all things glitter and glow.
But for me life has ceased to shimmer
In a mad world, heaped in sorrow.

Where have I come from, where shall I end up?
These queries trouble me no more.
This unending existence is all that I have,
Doomed until eternity, I know.

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