Life – With a pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.

Starlight in my soul…

I’d have called it a chilly night…
but for the warmth of your enfolding arms;
The elusive fragrance of the memories it held,
is still alive with its magical charms.
With the silent, slumbering world below
and the softly glimmering stars above,
together we lay in a blissful embrace,
suspended in time, cocooned in love.

I’d have called it a quiet night…
but for the rhythm of your heartbeat in my ears;
gently lulling my mind into a hypnotic trance,
soothing my senses and alluding my fears.
Bathed in a cascade of silver starlight,
with the half-moon winking away in glee.
When the night-breeze flirted with your hair,
the passion in your eyes beckoned to me.

I’d have called it a dark night…
but for the light gleaming in your eyes;
Every passing second held an unknown magic,
until the first golden streaks of sunrise.
The meaning of life was never whole enough
until you rendered mine, a new goal.
And now, you are the lodestar of my life,
spreading pure starlight in my soul…

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