Life – With a pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.

#is #everything #worth #a #hashtag?

Yeah, seriously, what gives? Look in any direction at any time of the day, and there are hashtags flying around like pompous but thoroughly aimless stuffed birds. Hashtag this, hashtag that. Hashtag just about anything that looks like a word (sometimes not even that!). Today the overuse of hashtags is not just limited to online content. People have gone so far as using the word hashtag even while talking with their fingers automatically making the symbol every time they use it.

People, calm down. And get real. Nobody really cares if you #brokeyourfingernail while cramming your posts with hashtags or #managedaperfectpout #finally among a horde of useless selfies! Don’t overuse it to the point that it looks like you are trying to swear ceaselessly.

True hashtags are a huge benefit to the social media world today. By tagging certain keywords, you can find in a jiffy, trending and relevant topics suitably categorized. Linking too many words or throwing a string of meaningless words just for the sake of creating hashtags will not automatically make them the talk of the town. When a keyword gains enough momentum in the social media circles, it becomes a popular topic. But, like anything else, the use of hashtags also makes sense when used in the right context and in moderation.

Use of hashtags calls for certain basic etiquette, so as not to spam the online audience. If something doesn’t bring value to anyone but yourself, it would be insensitive to dump it on others, no matter how innocuous it may seem while posting.

When used in the right manner, a hashtag can serve to be the identity of the user. If luck favors the user and the hashtag becomes popular, followers tend to have an instant recall of the brand or person who initiated it. Irrespective of whether you are an individual posting pics on Instagram for your friends or a business entity aiming to further your brand on Twitter, the correct use of hashtags can make a world of difference.

So the next time, you have something to say through your content or image on whatever social networking platform, make sure you are doing it responsibly and optimally. Ask yourself this before you use hashtags – Am I wasting my audience’s time? Will my posts be of value? Are they worth sharing further? Would I share it if I came across something of the sort from someone else? Like everything else, sincerity and thoughtfulness is key.

Do it, but do it right. Use hashtags to make a dent with your content.

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