Life – With a pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.

I am the earth…

I am the earth;
Deep and fathomless, full of wild secrets.
My womb that yields life to all,
Is dark, slumberous, protective.
I am the earth, mother of life…

I am the earth;
Many seek shelter in my quiet hearth,
And quench their thirsts, eternal, in my depths.
For, my warmth does envelop their beings.
I am the earth, whore of passion…

I am the earth;
My depths, they hold bygone treasures.
For, diamonds miraculously materialize,
From black coals that trap the light.
I am the earth, magician of destiny…

I am the earth;
My naked splendour does enthrall, mesmerize,
As gurgling brooks garland my body
And mountains define my contours.
I am the earth, beauty of nature…

I am the earth;
My fury bars none, spares nothing.
Life, I claim rightfully, much as I create.
The fire in my depths does spurt and swallow.
I am the earth, the destroyer of creation…

I am the earth;
I wear clouds of smoke – my crown, my shroud,
Weeping great, fatal rains of death.
For, heavy iron monsters invade my bosom.
I am the earth, slave of man…

I am the earth;
Trampled and torn by the vices of man.
Shriveled, barren, prematurely wrinkled,
I lie awaiting death like an ancient woman.
I am the earth, tragedy of mankind…

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