Life – With a pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.

Melt Not, Mighty Sky…

Melt not, O mighty grey sky,
Why do you weep when my eyes are dry?
Heavy are your clouds and so is my heart.
My beloved, he says, he’s got to depart.
But, stop not from letting your tears flow,
if you think you could wash away my sorrow…

O lulling night breeze, finger not my tresses.
For, you remind me of my beloved’s caresses.
And though my brave little smile is only a facade,
the soul-drenching loneliness is excruciatingly hard.
But, blow on unhindered, if you could perchance,
get me a whiff of his mesmerizing fragrance…

Shimmer not, O moon, in the black expanse,
your beauty fails to put me in a trance.
My beloved’s presence is all my heart seeks.
Without him, my seconds stretch into weeks.
But, go on to illumine, if it gives you solace,
And spread your light on my beloved’s face…

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