Life – With a pinch of salt

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.

So much blah…!

It is one of those chilly, ‘the-office-admin-doesn’t-know-shit-about-AC-modulation’ days in office when you sit staring at the unyielding laptop till your eyes begin to water, lost in thought while the voices of people around you cease make any kind of sense…

Yeah, you got it right..! Everybody has one of those somniferous days when there’s loads of work to be done and yet your heart is just not in it. Today’s just one of those days, I guess. I curse the insensitive Admin team for the umpteenth time for the malfunctioning AC. I look up at the top of my team-mate Bala’s head peeking out of his work-station, across the partition and contemplate taking his trip. May be something about his non-existent love life despite his typical Malyali good looks. Or his name, like I usually do. ‘Blaaah’, I usually call him, since it is much more fun than the traditional sounding ‘Bala’. Or ‘Balaouse’. Or ‘Balobashi’. Or ‘Balatkari’. Or ‘Bala ki jaana main kaun’ The list goes on. But naah! Not today. Not that he’s not a good sport. He’s a great sport, actually. Laughs it all off most days and maybe makes a witty, sarcastic comeback occasionally. Today, I just don’t feel all that creative. Just bored.

I look around at my boss-cum-bitchin’ buddy ‘V’. She too is typing away at her laptop, at break-neck speed. Perhaps she is busy whacking her boss in a war of words. My interest is piqued and I walk over to her.

“Hey! What’s cooking, babe?” I ask.

“What else?” She rolls her eyes at me pointing at the mail she has been reading. I peer over her shoulder to see a mail from one of the so called “Big shots” who seemed to be blaming her for all that he had failed to do correctly. Typical boss-giri at its heights.

“That jackass still on about his inflated sense of superiority?”

“I wish I didn’t have to deal with such morons every day” She sighs.

I ‘tsk-tsk’ my sympathy. I am no stranger to these morons she deals with. I deal with them too. They are pampered, over-paid, pompous pieces of s*#t who don’t know which end of their bodies they speak through. They can screw anyone for things that they themselves screwed up. They play cheap blame games and never own up to their mistakes. Their callous attitudes and incompetence cost resourceful, competent employees their jobs while they themselves climb the corporate ladder, sucking up to the top guns to secure themselves.

“Let him go on ranting about his two bits. Who cares? Why lose your peace of mind over people who will not change even if their lives depended on it? Not worth it.” I tell her.

“True. But for my peace of mind, I have to give him a piece of my mind. It’s high time” She scowls, staring at the laptop.

Hmm…I smile at her aggressiveness. I like the change I have been seeing in her lately. People usually take her niceness for granted. This version of her is a welcome change. She is one of those passionate, raring-to-go people who like to get the job done and expect the best because they give the best. She gets her hands dirty whenever necessary and never shirks her responsibilities by shedding them off to her subordinates. She is one of those ‘dream bosses’ who are human beings first and bosses next. She always stands up for her team and encourages them to do their best.

“If that is what you want, go ahead, give him what he deserves. It is better to stay honest to oneself any day” I back her up vociferously, finally losing my lethargy and feeling energized. “There is very little sanity left in the world. Let’s maintain ours at least!”

Smiling, she hit the send button. “I’m done. This should show him I’m not his doormat”.

I smile back and look over at Bala, yawning away in glory. “Come, Blah. Let’s go grab a cup of tea!”

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