Life, with a pinch of salt

Just another Thursday

Yes, it’s just another Thursday nightBut I’m a bit tipsy just the same.The weekend is oh so overrated And weekdays are mine to tame.I’m teetering on the threshold of timeBut … Continue reading

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Solo trips for the sequestered soul

I won’t lie, the very thought of travelling on my own, being out and about in the big wide world, plunged into the unknown – it scares me witless at … Continue reading

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Between knowing the unchangeable,and quietly wishing for alternate universes,between cherishing our second chances,and negating all the meaningful moments,between relentless reality that just won’t give,and memories that cave to the rush … Continue reading

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Train of thought

And there I was againat the close of daystanding by myself in a sea of people commuters in motion at a busy train station that had long become just a … Continue reading

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Dark poetry

I offer wordsto the dark nightit’s not much but that’s alright. It’s the coinI have to payat the gates of sleepto see another day.

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Purple sunset

When we’re oldand out of steam,memories running on fumesin the final lap of our lives,I hope we rememberthis melting purple sunsetdipped in easy camaraderieand companionable silenceand chocolate milk-fuelledlanguid aimless long … Continue reading

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Stranger moon

The moon, it’s humongous tonight.Like a giant’s face stung by a bee.Or by disillusionment, who knows?Or maybe it has swallowed the dreamsof all those who once loved,and lost more than … Continue reading

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3 AM ruminations

I wish they’d told uswhen we were kidsabout all the life lessonsthat time would towon its unbroken backand leave within the cracksof a patchwork heart.I wish they’d taught usway back … Continue reading

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The sunset that got away

I found the perfect sunset,a fiery, broody indigo blushstaining the winter skyreflecting on the day’s stories etched in the glass and concretefaces of the city’s jaded giantsthat caged its transient … Continue reading

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Cicada conscience

There’s a voice insidelike the hint of a seedwithin an unborn fruitin the heart of a saplingbraving the quietwaiting to break outof yesterday’s soilcraving the light. And this voice insideis … Continue reading

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