A tinge of whimsy

Everything passes. It has to. That's the beauty and tragedy of it.

The long route home

“Just ten more minutes,” she said, her heart in her eyes, threading her fingers through his as they walked along the soft wet sand. “You said that half an hour … Continue reading

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Tainted sunsets

Melting momentsMoving in syncMaking magicMeaning to sinkInto my memoriesSeeking my fingersYou reach outAnd settle to shareMy sunsetsWith her.

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They say there’s a patch of earthFor everyone who’s been born.A peice of sky to shelter your wings,A corner you can call your own.No matter how long you’ve looked,How far … Continue reading

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Midnight raid

There’s an urge to raid the freezerFor some chocolate icecream.Because midnight’s got a sweet toothAnd an underlying bitter truth –Of a heart that’s grown numb fromCradling a strange, hollow hunger. … Continue reading

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A chance of rain…

Just another cloudy, broody day When the sun’s gone awol And the train’s a grumpy snail With a bunch of sleepy commuters Carrying the burden of the night, Craving coffee, … Continue reading

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Conditions apply*

If you love a writer, you run the risk of becoming the story And living on in her poetry Long after the ink has dried And both you and she … Continue reading

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Its alright.

Don’t dwell, don’t mourn, What’s gone is gone. When its time and you know it, Steel your heart and move on. Break the ice, choose your slice, Blow for good … Continue reading

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There were days when you woke up in a haze, And found nothing had really changed. Life trudged on, on automaton, Except for the fact you’d aged. You learned some, … Continue reading

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Words are all I have…

Yes, I trade words for a living. You see, words that I make, also make me. Yes, I have words for every season some with rhyme, some with reason, Words … Continue reading

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A monday morning trip down memory lane

“It’s quite awkward, isn’t it?” she had a small smile that lit up her grey eyes, crinkling the corners into fine lines the way that only laughter can do over … Continue reading

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